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Birth Chart Reading

Birth Chart Reading

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Your birth chart is a celestial blueprint of the heavens at your first breath. Crafted from the precise details of your birth, it reveals the intricate choreography of planets that influence your life's rhythm.

Choose Your Astrological Adventure:
  • Standard Journey (Standard Reading): Traverse the fundamentals of your astral influence with a detailed map of the major celestial bodies and their dynamic interactions.
  • Grand Expedition (Comprehensive Reading): Embark on an extensive exploration of your cosmic imprint, including lesser-known celestial points and nuanced astrological aspects for a profound narrative.

What to Expect:

  • Tailored Insights: We provide personalized interpretations, spotlighting your unique traits, potential, and life's pivotal chapters.
  • Digital Delivery: Your reading arrives as an elegantly crafted PDF, designed for reflection and easy reference, within 2-3 weeks of providing your birth details.

Begin Your Astrological Quest:
Unlock the celestial secrets woven into your very being. With Oracle of Sothis, step into the cosmic dance and claim the wisdom written in the stars.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Lena Eden Yakov

Birth Chart Reading


Thank you very much for the amazing service I received, far beyond what I expected, I definitely recommend it to every Eld!


Beyond expectation 10/10, highly recommend! Super accurate.

Lizzie K.

Maybe just a bit pricey but nonetheless full of valuable information. Thank you for the amazing consultation and for answering all my questions.


A returning client I tried every service from OOS and the top services that I recommend from my experience are these birth chart readings and sigils. If you are overthinking and doubting of purchasing don't because they are literally the best at what they do you will thank me later.

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