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Personalized Sigil

Personalized Sigil

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Sigil Complexity

Unlock your subconscious with our uniquely encoded sigils. These are not just symbols; they are powerful tools designed to plant the seeds of your goals deeply within your psyche, reinforced by benevolent higher intelligences.


Types of Sigils:

1. Basic Sigil: A focused symbol for a single intention, creating a direct link to your subconscious.
2. Complex Sigil: An intricate composite for layered intentions, synergizing multiple energies for accelerated transformation.
3. Sigil Series: A collection of six Basic Sigils, each targeting a facet of a grander intention, forming a cohesive force towards your ambitions.


Our sigils function on two levels: reprogramming your subconscious and drawing in cosmic support to achieve your objectives.


Why Choose Complex Sigils?
For those committed to comprehensive change, our Complex Sigils interweave various intentions, tapping into powerful energies for profound personal transformation.


After Purchase:

• We’ll email you to gather information for your personalized sigil.
• Creation and delivery take 1-2 weeks.
• A comprehensive instructional guide is included.
• Your privacy is our priority.
• All sigils are digital and delivered via email.


Begin your transformative journey with Oracle of Sothis. Secure your Personalized Sigil today and manifest your dreams into reality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews

My sigil is fantastic! The design is stunning and I’ve seen a lot of positive changes since I started using it. The support from the team was excellent.


Got my sigil from OOS, and it’s been amazing! The level of detail and craftsmanship is unbelievable. I’ve seen improvements in the specific realm I intended. The whole experience has been transformative.

Jessica Miller

I requested a sigil for improving my financial situation and within a shortly after I got a promotion at work! This stuff really works. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their financial situation.

Julia P.

This page with services is so informative above all the other things. As knowledge is smth I appreciate greatly..! It is my second purchase from the magical workings section. My first one has been a spell which I have been very satisfied with, therefore I decided to come back and try out these beautifully carved sigils that I keep seeing. I am looking forward to manifesting my intention.

Jordan N.

The sigil I got from OOS has been with me for almost six months now and I don't know how to explain it but it's like things have fallen into place in ways I never imagined, my projects are finally gaining momentum. Gratitude!

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