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Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

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Depth of Insight

Navigate the currents of your life with the ancient wisdom of Tarot. Each card a mirror, each spread a map; Oracle of Sothis offers a spectrum of readings to illuminate your path ahead.

Choose Your Clarity:

  • Single Focus (3 Cards): Quick clarity for pressing matters.
  • Dual Focus (6 Cards): Deeper insights on dual aspects of life.
  • Life Overview (10 Cards): Broad view for general life guidance.
  • Deep Dive (15 Cards): Thorough exploration of life's intricate web.

Your Enlightened Journey:
Post-purchase, a brief conversation helps us tailor your reading to your individual quest. A detailed, intuitive PDF report arrives via email, ready to guide your steps.

Swift Wisdom, Delivered:

  • Single & Dual Focus: Within 5 business days.
  • Life Overview & Deep Dive: Within 10 business days.

Oracle of Sothis Difference:

  • Personalized: No two readings are alike. Yours is uniquely yours.
  • Confidential: Delivered discreetly for your eyes only.

Embark With Confidence:
The cards are ready. Are you? Begin your journey to self-discovery and alignment. Let Oracle of Sothis light the way.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Robin L.

Accurate, clear, fast. All love - Ill be back for more


Thank you for the detailed reading and for being correct with me from communication to delivery.


Best decision ever. The readings are unique and the advice is always spot on. The folks here are real magicians, and their support has been invaluable. Life's definitely brighter with them in it.


Very professional I love it many thanks!!


Been coming to OOS for a while now, and honestly, it's been a game-changer. The vibes, the advice, the whole experience just hits different. The crew here knows their stuff and they're always there when you need a bit of that extra magic in your life. Big shoutout to them for all the positive shifts I've seen.

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